Words talk to me


Sometimes words talk to me.
Tell me their story, their feelings, and who their master is.

Sometimes they undesignedly expose their master when they sing his song to me.
The song he taught them to make them dance for him, the song only he and they know.
The song that makes them obey him.

They don’t want to betray him to me, but they do not know.
They sing his song and dance his dance to express his thoughts, to make his feelings take form in this world.
To make him alive in his book of life.
But it is a secret and silent song that no one shall hear.

They do not know that I am blessed with a certain gift that makes me hear these songs.
Because when his name is dear to me, the veil of silence lifts from his lines, and I see the dance.
And I listen, and I hear, and I understand.
And I can see in his heart.

And the dance continues.
With words of love.

© AngelikaJahn 2012

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About blue

I am a divorced single mum to a teenage kid, and at present re-emigrating to my homecountry Germany. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts, but as well to turn sadness, fear, and regret into something beautiful and release it from my heart.
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