Every time

Every time someone else dries my tears
I forget a bit more how it felt when you did it

Every time someone else holds my hand
It will be him I will turn to in need

Every time someone else smiles at me
The veil between me and you becomes less transparent

Every time someone else comforts me
It more likely will be his arms I long for at night

Every time someone else talks to me
I will love hearing his voice calling my name

And every minute that passes
The river takes me away from you and from us

And eventually I will leave the world we did live in
And another one will make me cry

© AngelikaJahn 2012

About blue

I am a divorced single mum to a teenage kid, and at present re-emigrating to my homecountry Germany. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts, but as well to turn sadness, fear, and regret into something beautiful and release it from my heart.
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2 Responses to Every time

  1. Or another one will make me laugh 🙂

    beautiful poem – sorry I have been a bit behind in catching up with everyone 🙂

    • blue says:

      You are so sweet Alex 🙂

      I myself are more than behind. I am moving from Sweden back home to Germany, and… busy does not cover it. 😉

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