Your flower


You saw her beauty, and you almost went down on your knees
You felt joy, and happiness over such an exquisite flower.

Fragile, and elegantly bending in the wind of your wishes.
But she was too fragile, she would have needed more shelter.

Your greenhouse was not ready, and your garden not equipped
to hold such delicate beauty for longer than a season.

You wanted to give her away, but she declined.
You had overlooked that she was loyal, to you and her heart.

Her roots were already rooted too deep, she would not have survived.
Not outside of this soil. Not outside of Your heart.

Now she lost her petals and you can only guess her former pride.
You can search in memories and dreams, and find her there.

Find her picture in your heart.
To again create her, in the new spring.


About blue

I am a divorced single mum to a teenage kid, and at present re-emigrating to my homecountry Germany. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts, but as well to turn sadness, fear, and regret into something beautiful and release it from my heart.
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