A Breeze


A breeze went by me, touched me, changed me, distorted my world for just some seconds.
It was not one of these cooling, refreshing breezes that come from the ocean on hot summer days.

This was a warm breeze, a warm summer breeze on a cold winter day.
It swept by me, and touched my heart, disabled my brain, and did not allow any pain.

It was sweet, yet deceiving, disabling my brain with it’s powers.
My heart felt love, the love I always felt for Him.

My heart did love as if we were 6 months back in time, as if we never broke.
Had He stood before me, I had just kissed Him.

My heart was unable to remember, unable to feel pain.
For some seconds.

The breeze carried an intoxicating scent that numbed my senses.
The happiness was so alive in my whole being.

And I felt only love, bare love, stripped of all hate and bitterness.
Even though it is not true, even though it is not real.

Yes I still love Him.
But usually it hurts.


About blue

I am a divorced single mum to a teenage kid, and at present re-emigrating to my homecountry Germany. Writing helps me to clear my thoughts, but as well to turn sadness, fear, and regret into something beautiful and release it from my heart.
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